happy birthday, tsukki!


A story told in three parts. oh mikorin, bless this child

yachi hitoka


finally finished my toumaki mix~

dont ask me how long this took wow

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small rin to encourage you


*takes a break from doing nothing* ah i really deserved this


I love seeing “doting niichan” Akiteru, but I also think that he may have made some of his own mistakes when he was young that caused him to be more attentive/protective of Kei /w\

I guess in this case while mum n dad are out, Kei starts crying nonstop no matter what Akiteru does to try to comfort him. He gets frustrated and lets the bab cry it out for a while, until he comes back later to check on him and realizes that Kei was actually sick. Cue mad scrambling to the nearest clinic/hospital with Kei praying it’s not something serious ;w;)a don’t worry aki it’s just a fever

(Of course, I watched baby videos on youtube so I got the hankerin to draw babies and suddenly sibling angst happened oh well)

When I tried to think about what on earth could move the heart of a boy like Haruka, who’s awkward and never really gets agitated over anything, I realized that it would have to be something out of the box, or it wouldn’t work. But maybe something as big as going to Australia would be sufficient to awaken something within him. Haruka has never really left his hometown, has lived there his whole life, so he’s probably never really seen what “the world” really is. And I felt that if Rin had just taken him to visit some famous pool in Tokyo, it wouldn’t have been enough to really shake Haruka—but Rin himself would probably choose to take him to the place where he’d grown up, Australia. For Rin, Australia was a place filled with a lot of harsh memories—but they weren’t all bad, and he saw and experienced a lot of things there, so he’d want Haruka to see those same things. And I feel he was the only one who could do that for Haruka; its as a very “Rin” approach to the issue.
Utsumi Hiroko, Spoon 2di (via fencer-x)


i saw this vine months ago and since then i couldn’t stop thinking aboUT JEAN


(Doodle.)  I am so into Fukurodani’s setter, damn.


please stop calling kuroo trash he is sweeter than honey


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